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What we look for...


Throughout the US, with an emphasis in Western, Midwestern, and Southeastern states.


Land Use & Zoning 

Suitable for development and operation of a Senior Living &Care Facility also known as RCFE

Appropriate zoning / entitlements in place, or within development-friendly jurisdictions that provide for the ability to secure them in the short term.


Parcel Sizes 

In areas that will require multiple stories our land footprint will vary between .75-1.75 acres. Otherwise, 2.25 – 3.0 Acres / 98,000 – 130,700 sq ft. Architectural ideal is a 300’ x 400’ site. Variables that may impact lot size: setback requirements; ingress/egress access; slope; buildable land.
Flatiron typically develops 40,000 to 45,000 Square foot buildings; slab on grade; wood frame; single story.  In areas of scarce land availability, high land costs or in urban environments we will consider building multi-level communities.



Primary Market Areas (within a 5 mile radius) that demonstrate high concentrations and positive growth trends generally consisting of:
Income Qualified Seniors (seniors 75+ years old with Median HH Income exceeding $55,000)
Income Qualified Adult Children (adults between 45 to 65 years old with Median HH Income exceeding $75,000)
Median Owned Housing Values exceeding National and State medians


Site Characteristics

Good visibility with reasonable traffic count. Readily accessible side streets considered if above criteria are met.
We are open to demolition of an existing buildings and to re-purposing existing office buildings. We have found that churches and schools are good resources for excess land.


Proximity To:

Hospitals / major medical facilities within five to ten miles.
Public Parks and schools
Retail shopping and other community services (i.e., churches, library, theater).  
Convenient access to public transportation
Adequate supply of labor force

Let's Work Together

Flatiron Development Group prides itself on it's many industry relationships and strives to continue to grow it's network of industry leaders. 

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